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    Eleutherococcus senticosus

    (Siberian ginseng)

    A wide range of cosmetic products, based on scientific research on the healing properties of medicinal plants.

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    If your skin needs extra nutrition and care, choose our body wrap. Rich in oil and Silvestre Oblepikha plant extracts and berries silbestres Taiga, this envelope contains all the vitamins and nutrients to go back in time and restore youth and beauty to your skin.

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    Comprehensive solution for all visible signs of skin aging.

    They are the best drivers of the active components of cosmetics, which stimulate collagen synthesis and reconstruct the structure of the skin.

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    Siberian balms

    They are a very effective remedy for the care and treatment of conditions
    since they are based on single plant components. Some of these balms have been recreated
    recipes from ancient Siberian Buryat people, contain unique herbs Baikal
    such as Chimaphila, anomalous Paeonia, trigonella, salsola, white clover and other

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Natural Cosmetics

Natural products of the virgin areas of Siberia

In today's industrialized world, man tends more and more to enjoy and appreciate nature.

In Siberia and the Far East have been preserved natural parks with a unique flora. Wild plants used to survive the extreme climate of the area have developed extraordinary properties.




Creams, masks, tonics and balms OILS

The unique mechanism of action balm "Mèdessè" is based on its ability to restore
defenses damaged skin and activate its re-generative processes to speed healing,
prevent scarring, infection, and poisoning.

Forests are also among the most significant resources of the oblast:
20% of the forests of Western Siberia are located in Tomsk Oblast